Saturday, September 13, 2008

Diagnostic Tests

Diagnostic tests are important to find out how much your students have learnt so far. I usually use them when I get new students in my classes. After I get the results, lesson planning will be adjusted to their needs. The following Diagnostic Test is a level 3. Grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening and writing skills are tested, as well as their knowledge about English speaking countries.

Read this document on Scribd: Diagnostic Test1

I'm glad to share it!

Monday, September 01, 2008

ICE BREAKERS - Activities for the first English lesson (Part 2)

Back from holidays! Now let's get ready for the new school year!
Here are some more ice breaking activities for the first lesson:

Spot the false information

Aim of the activity
To introduce yourself to a new class.

Write three pieces of information about yourself on the board, only one of which is true.


Tell the students that they should ask you questions in order to find out which information is true. When they have asked some questions, ask them to say which one they think is the true piece of information and then tell them whether they were right.

Names and numbers

Aim of the activity

To introduce yourself to a new class. To encourage the exchange of personal information in English.

Write in random order on the board a selection of names and numbers which mean something to you personally. For example, the number of your house, the name of your dog, the number of children you've got, the number of times you've been married etc. Ask the students to guess the significance of the names and numbers you have written. Confirm their guesses or correct them. Now ask them to work in pairs and to write names and numbers for their partner to look at and guess their significance. Alternatively, ask students to write three numbers, or three names on a post-it and to stick in on their front. They should then circulate and ask and answer questions with as many partners as possible about the numbers or names on their post-its.

(these ice breakers were provided by the Lake School of English in Oxford)