Friday, August 15, 2008

Ice Breakers - Activities for the first English lesson (Part One)

Meeting a new class is always an important moment. First impressions (specially the bad ones) persist for a long time. So, in the first lesson, I try to convey the idea that they can have fun while learning English or while reviewing their English. Instead of traditionally roll calling them, I try these Ice Breakers. They always work with my teenage classes! Take a look:

1. The Bingo Ice Breaker

Read this document on Scribd: Bingo Icebreaker

- Use this game to facilitate introductions in new classes.

1. Print and copy of a bingo card for each player.
2. Players circulate to find group members who match descriptions in the bingo squares.
3. When a match is found, the player writes the name of the individual in the square.
4. Different names must be used in each square. When a player has filled a row with names, s/he yells "Bingo!"
5. With the group, check the squares and identify the individuals described.
6. Continue the game for a second round, with the new goal of filling the entire card.
7. When a player has filled the entire card, s/he yells "Bingo!"

2. My Classmates

Read this document on Scribd: My Classmates

1. Hand out the worksheet
2.Tell your students to mingle and find other students so as to fill in the blank spaces
3.They write the students' names
4. After completing their worksheet you can ask them what they have found out about their classmates.

3. Student Search

Read this document on Scribd: icebreaker(new)


- This ice breaker works pretty much the same way as the previous one. The only different is the score they can get. The one who has the highest score, is the winner. This works quite well with very competitive classes.

As usual, if you want a copy of this material, do not hesitate to contact me.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your icebreakers. Would you mind sending me the original word documents so that I can edit them and use them for my classes this year?

kamala said...

nice to read this.. want to read more..

Biscuit656 said...

Hi, I have just started teaching English in India and I thought that these Ice breakers would go down a treat. Like frenchteacher would you be able to send them so that I can edit them? It's only because the originals have some items that aren't really transposable to Indian children.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

One of the statement says "Had a '4' in English last year." What exactly does that mean?

Isa said...

Dear anonymous,

A "4" is a mark, it stands for "very good".

Tatev G. said...

Hi, I'm starting ELT and would like to have original and editable documents of your icebreakers, if you don't mind. my e-mail-
Thanks in advance :)

Anonymous said...

May I use your ice breakers? I think they are great for the 1st day of class in Mexico!

Isa said...

Dear anonymous,

Of course you can.

Anonymous said...

hi.. i would love to have a copy of the original editable of your document?i found it very interesting..tq

Anonymous said... loving the ideas for the ice breaking..would love to have an editable copy if you dont mind..thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

May i also use your ice breakers, i will be teaching English oversea this summer, please send it to . Thank you