Thursday, October 16, 2008


Having friends, finding new friendships and friendly relationships is an important developmental task for preteens and teens.

Class 2 had a 90 minute lesson on FRIENDSHIP. As a pre-reading activity for "Friends will be Friends" text, they were asked to finish one of the following sentences, expressing their own ideas on the subject:


They've come up with some pretty interesting ideas. Have a look:

"A friend is someone whom you can tell your secrets", Érica

"A friend is someone we can count on, someone that laughs with you and is always by your side to show you the right way", Dúnia

"A friend is someone I admire. When I'm feeling really bad, he helps me, sings for me and tells jokes.", Inês

"A friend is someone I can trust, someone who helps me, makes me laugh and cry.", Fábio Ribeiro

"A friend is someone we can tell a secret.", Carla Biage

"A friend is someone who helps in the bad moments and laughs with me in the good moments"

"A friend is someone we can trust", David

"A friend is someone who helps me out in the most difficult moments, he is someone I can trust.", Bruno

"A firend is someone that helps you, understands you, talks to you and shares your thoughts with you", Henrique