Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Story of Thanksgiving

This is a lesson on Thanksgiving for 8th graders. Before watching the film, students are asked to refer what they know about this festivity. Then they watch the follwing video.

QUESTIONS ABOUT THE FILM “The First Thanksgiving

Food vocabulary in the video: duck, geese, turkey, deer, clam, corn, peas, wheat, barley

• Which king ruled in England around 400 year ago?

• Why were some people unhappy?

• Where did they first go?

• Why did they leave Holland?

• How did they go to America?

• What was the ship called?

• How long did it take to get to America?

• What was the sea journey like?

• What was the weather like when they arrived in America?

• They did they survive winter?

• Who helped them?

• What did the Indians teach them?

• Why did they decide to give a Thanksgiving party?

• Who did they invite?

• Which food did they prepare?

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