Thursday, August 14, 2008

Songs for the English Lesson (how to motivate teenagers)

Teenagers love listening to music! In fact, they can't live without it. Some prefer rap, pop, hip-pop, others love listening to rock. So, why not using their favourite songs, singers/bands in class? Either for teaching purposes or just as a background tool during lessons, music is an enjoyable alternative to the traditional listening comprehension. When I'm looking for songs for my students, I try to get the ones which are new at that moment and which have to do with the topic they're studying (as a starting point for discussion, for example). I also use them to consolidate grammar, or teach vocabulary.
I used the following songs in my teenage classes:

* "Wise up", by Aimee Man (topic: alcoholism)
- while listening activity: choosing the correct words in the song
- after listening activities: choosing the correct picture; discussion on the topic

* "Apologize", by One Republic & Timbaland (grammar review)
- while listening activity: inserting the corrects verbs from the box
- after listening activity: filling in a chart about verb tenses

* "Losing my Way", by Justin Timberlake (topic: drug addiction)
- while listening activity: inserting the correct verbs from the box
- after listening activity: American English vs. British English

I also used Christina Aguilera's "Hurt" and U2's "One" as listening comprehension tests. I chose these two songs because they are quite easy to understand.

All the songs can be seen below. If you would like to have a copy of these songs, do not hesitate to cantact me.

If you want to know more about "How to use songs in the classroom", check out these sites:

Have your students pick up the songs they would like to listen. As soon as they get involved, they'll be more interested in your lessons!!

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