Monday, May 18, 2009


Once again, the final result of a WEBQUEST on "Rainforest Animals". I'm really glad with the results. They learned about their favourite rainforest animals, they used the "new technologies", they practised their researching skills and, last but not least, they had fun!

Thank you, Tânia! Great job!

Animals of the Rain Forest Tania

Angela, wonderful job!

Animals of the Rain Forest Angela


M. Àngels Gil said...

Hello! I'm an English teacher from Mallorca (Spain). I also teach 3rd cycle, and I hate routine, too. I think the webquest you've done with your pupils is very interesting, congratulations!
I invite you to visit my blog

rosaezquerra said...

Hi Isa:
Thanks for visiting me at
I like your blog and the webquests are very interesting. I teach in a rural school and my pupils are from 3 to 11 years old.I will follow you
A hug