Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jing - a great tool for both teachers and students!

Ever heard about Jing? If you havent't, give it a look - it's a great tool!
Jing is a quick way of capturing images and videos (up to 5 minutes) of what you see on your own computer monitor. As a teacher, how can you use Jing? Here are some ideas:
- You can create teaching tutorials as a learning tool. For example, explaining students a difficult grammar point;
- you can make a video about vocabulary students have to know for a specific test, or for them to know how to pronounce these words;
- you can highlight a webpage for your students;
- you can give feedback on compositions (correction of mistakes). It’s time consuming though;
- you can talk about a picture / describe a picture (students use Jing themselves). A good speaking activity!
- you can talk about someone famous (students use Jing themselves) as a homework / project work. Also a good speaking activity!
- you can read aloud. Students can choose a passage or a story to read, record it and then send it to the teacher.
- you can create tutorials for working with new technologies.

Well, I'm sure you'll come up with other ideas. Enjoy learning!

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