Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Back to the past (simple)!

Every school year we have to revise the past simple and every time we revise it, students stumble over the "awful" irregular verbs ... again and again. Why is it so painful for them to learn anything by heart?
Well, students and teachers alike... just keep on trying, because "where there's a will, there's a power".

So, student, if you're still "haunted" by the "awful" irregular (or regular, for that matter) verbs, give these activities a try ...and have fun! After you have finished, please leave a message on how well (hopefully!) you did.

Games with the past simple

Test your memory

Spelling (Write the missing verbs)

Two betting games
Game one: completing sentences. You get points for the correct answer:

Game two

Matching game

Snakes and Ladders

Quiz Show (exciting)

Now, if you're not really a game lover, here are some exercises:

Negative in the simple past

Questions in the simple past

Mixed exercise

A list of irregular verbs, just in case...

Feeling like doing a test? Here are some: (easy) (medium) (difficult)

Last but not least, DO NOT FORGET to write about your last summer holidays on WALLWISHER. Just click on "post a sticky" and you'll be redirected to the wall! Have fun learning English!

Your teacher.

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